Water Bottle

Nalgene bottles are infamous for withstanding extremely harsh conditions, such as high and low temperatures, and for being highly resistant to breaking. If you do manage to break a Nalgene bottle, nothing will happen -- except you will need to purchase a new bottle.


The makers of Nalgene bottles will not send you a replacement or case of Nalgene bottles if you break one, according to the Scarlet & Black student newspaper at Grinnell College. This is a just a myth brought on by its perceived indestructibility.


You can break Nalgene bottles, but only by placing them under undue stress, such as shooting them with a gun or running over them with a car. During normal use, Nalgene bottles should not break.


Nalgene guarantees that its water bottles won't leak, according to Wow Shopper. If your bottle does leak for some reason, you can return it for a new one to

Nalgene Warranty Replacements 75 Panorama Creek Drive Rochester, NY 14625