How to Get a Dooney and Bourke Purse Repaired

By Irene A. Blake

Dooney & Bourke is a United States manufacturer of a wide range of fashion clothing and accessories for women and men. Besides a protection guarantee—full and unconditional guarantee against any defects in product craftsmanship for up to one year after purchase—Dooney & Bourke also offers a product Repair/Replacement Program to customers after the first year has passed. Customers must ship the damaged product to Dooney & Bourke with a repair request. Dooney & Bourke will then evaluate the damage and either repair your purse or offer a partial credit toward replacement.


Step 1

Write your contact information (name, address and day/evening phone numbers), as well as a detailed description of the damage and the type of repair(s) that you're requesting, on paper or a large index card.

Step 2

Prepare your Dooney & Bourke purse for shipping. Wrap it with bubble wrap to protect it during shipping. Tape your paper or index card securely to one side of the wrapped purse, place it in a box and then seal the box with box tape.

Step 3

Put the shipping information on the outside of the box.

Dooney & Bourke, Inc. Att: Return Department 1 Regent Street E. Norwalk, CT 06855

Write the shipping information on the outside of the box legibly with a fine-tipped black marker or fill out the information using USPS or UPS labels. Fill out a label from a local mail office and affix to your box or go online (see Resources), complete the shipping information, print your labels and affix to the box.

Step 4

Mail your package. Take it to a local mail office. Besides postage, purchase insurance to protect against package loss or damage.

Step 5

Track your package to confirm that it arrived at the Dooney & Bourke repair facility in Connecticut.

Step 6

Wait for Dooney & Bourke to receive your package and evaluate the damage. Wait at least one to two weeks for Dooney & Bourke to contact you with a decision in regards to the repair(s). You may receive an offer to repair the damage at a cost of no more than one-half of the current retail price for the specific purse style or a credit of the same amount toward the purchase of a replacement in the same style.