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Express Scripts is a health insurance plan that covers prescription medications. There are several different plans that you may have with Express Scripts, depending on the type of plan that your employer offers. Regardless of the type of plan you have, however, you will have a member card that you must activate in order to begin using your prescription plan benefits. You can activate your card via telephone or the Internet.

Activate via Telephone

Dial the toll-free phone number found on your Express Scripts member card. If you are calling from a rotary phone, remain on the line for a customer service representative.

Using the buttons on your touch-tone phone, enter your member ID number that is on the front of your Express Scripts card. You will be prompted to enter additional information such as your date of birth and zip code.

Select the option to activate your new member card when you are prompted by the automated system.

Activate via Internet

Go to the website listed on the front of your Express Scripts membership card by typing www.express-scripts.com into your Web browser's address bar (see Resources).

Click on the "Members" link at the top of the Express Scripts home page. You will be prompted to sign in to access your account. Select the "Activate your account" link below the member sign-in.

At the prompt, enter your member ID number found on the front of your member card. Then enter your first and last name, date of birth, zip code and email address. Select "Next" at the bottom of the page.

Enter a user name and password that you want to use for the Express Scripts member online login, and select "Next" to finish your account activation. Your Express Scripts card is now activated. You can take advantage of several online resources, such as prescription cost comparison tools.