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Not only does the Kroger Plus Card save you money on your grocery purchases, it also qualifies you for special promotions and other giveaways. Each time you use your Kroger Plus Card, you receive rewards points from Kroger that can be put toward discounts on items that are sold during promotions throughout the year. The card is free and only takes minutes to sign up for. Once you do, you will earn one point for each dollar spent. There are a number of ways to check the rewards points balance on your Kroger Plus Card.

Look at the receipt from your most recent shopping trip at Kroger. Your rewards points balance will be listed at the bottom of the receipt. Information about new promotions and other things will also be on the bottom.

If you don't have your most recent Kroger sales receipt, call 1-800-KROGERS to check your rewards points balance. Follow the instructions and enter your Kroger Plus Card number when prompted.

To check your rewards points balance online, open your computer's Internet browser and go to "customer.kroger.com/Login.aspx". This will take you to the “My Kroger” website. If you already have a “My Kroger” account, proceed to the next step. If you don't already have a “My Kroger” account, skip to step 6.

Enter your email address and password and click "Sign In".

After you have signed in, look under the heading “Kroger Plus Card Information” to see your Kroger rewards points balance.

If you don't already have a "My Kroger" account, click "Sign up today!" to get one.

Enter your zip code under the heading “Preferred Store" and click "Search". You will see a pull-down menu appear below the prompt "Select your preferred store" listing the stores that match your search. Click on the down arrow and select the Kroger store you visit the most.

Fill out the rest of the fields on the sign-up page. Enter your email address and a password (6-12 characters) in the appropriate boxes.

Under “Communications Preferences,” check the promotional materials you would like to receive.

Click “Next” to process your sign-up information.

Enter your Kroger Plus Card number (it is on the back of your Kroger Plus Card) in the box next to the heading “Kroger Plus Card Number".

Enter your contact information and click "Next."

You will then see the “Kroger – Sign-up Confirmation” screen.

Click the check box next to “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions.” Click “Complete registration” to complete the sign-up process.

Check your email account for a confirmation email from Kroger. Click on the link in the email to finalize your “My Kroger” account.

Sign in to your “My Kroger” account.

Look under the heading “Kroger Plus Card Information” to see your Kroger rewards points balance.


Bookmark the “My Kroger” page in your Internet browser's “Favorites” or “Bookmarks” so you can quickly return to the website and check your Kroger rewards points balance.

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