Detail of the Teflon surface in a frying pan

You may have received a nice set of new Calphalon pans for your wedding, pulled them out of the box, and noticed they had giant scratches on them. Or, after a couple months, the nonstick coating on your brand-new pans might be starting to peel. Replacing the pans at the store will cost a fortune. Calphalon offers a lifetime warranty for its pots and pans for manufacturer defects. If you've ruined the pans due to neglect, you're out of luck.

Carefully check your pans. You can't send them in if they are abused through overheating, improper washing, commercial use or other neglect, such as scratching them with metal utensils. Minor flaws such as surface flaws or minor scratches do not qualify you for the warranty.

Create an online account at Click "Create Account" in the upper right hand corner of the page, and fill out the necessary information.

Navigate to Calphalon's warranty information page, and click on the link under the "Warranty Claim" subhead to start the process of returning your defective pan.

Fill out the information about the defective pan, including the date of purchase, the store you bought it from, and the reason for return.

Note the directions for returning your product. You will need to pay for the shipping costs to send your pans to Calphalon.

Find a box that fits and start packing. Calphalon wants the pans without the lids, to save on shipping weight.

Use a shipping service with tracking. Calphalon requires this.


  • If you don't have access to the Internet, you can call Calphalon at 800-809-7267 to get instructions on how to return your pan.