The Chi is a ceramic flatiron manufactured by Farouk Systems, Inc. The company produces high-end hair tools and products. The Chi is designed to heat up to 350 degrees. When used over extended periods of time, the device can transform hair from curly or wavy to straight. The Chi is designed with a 360-degree swivel cord that allows the user to straighten hair all the way around the head without changing the position of the flatiron. Oftentimes the power cord shorts out; you need to take it apart to work on it. Disassembling this product is relatively simple.

Unplug the Chi from the electrical outlet. Failing to do so results in electric shock.

Change the power switch on the unit to "Off."

Use the putty knife to remove the circular, plastic Chi cover at the bottom of the straightener. Insert the edge of the knife under the plastic piece and push it upward like a lever.

Hold the sides of the straightener together with one hand. Remove the screws (with the Phillips-head screwdriver) that reside underneath the circular cap removed in Step 3.

Remove your hand slowly and pull apart the two halves. Watch out for the spring in the bottom of the unit that may pop out.