Nuts and chocolate

If you have decided to bake your own pralines, chances are your friends and neighbors might enjoy a sample of your dessert as well. Storing your homemade pralines to preserve their freshness is a simple process that can be done immediately after you finish baking them. Aunt Sally's Pralines, a celebrated praline shop in New Orleans, recommends that properly stored pralines be "enjoyed within the first three weeks."

Allow the pralines to cool at room temperature. Do not proceed to the following steps until the pralines are completely cooled.

Wrap each individual praline firmly in plastic wrap so that it cannot slip out.

Place the pralines in an airtight container. If you are planning to use a different container for gift-giving or presentation, transfer the pralines to the second container on the same day you will present the pralines.

Store the container at room temperature. Excessively high or low temperatures will damage the quality of the pralines.


  • For gift giving, look for ornamental bags and tins for the pralines at stationery and seasonal departments in retail outlets. For best results, bake the pralines the day before you present them to the recipient.