The Best Way to Freeze & Defrost Homemade Cookies

By Jaimie Zinski

Baking cookies can be a fun family activity, but it is difficult to eat dozens of cookies before they become too hard and need to be thrown out. You can give a few cookies away to your friends and neighbors. You can also freeze cookies to enjoy them with your family at a later date.


Freeze Cookies


Any kind of cookie can be frozen, no matter the ingredients or size. According to, cookies can be kept in the freezer for no longer than three to four weeks. Double wrap the cookies to ensure they do not become ruined by frost, or do not soak up any other odors that may be found in the freezer. You can also wrap the cookies in cling wrap and place them into plastic storage containers. Make sure to date the cookies with when you placed them into the freezer to ensure that are not consumed after the month is over. You may want to also label the type of cookie in each package.This will make it simpler to find exactly which batch you are looking for.

Defrost Cookies


Defrosting frozen cookies can be accomplished by removing the cookies from their plastic wrappings and placing them on a plate on a kitchen counter. It can take several hours for the cookies to become soft enough to be eaten. To speed up the defrosting process you can also place a cookie into the microwave on full power. It will generally take about 30 seconds for one cookie to defrost completely.This time also depends on the size of the cookie.