Bryan Sander/Demand Media

Croissants are buttery and flaky pastries that can be served alone as a breakfast treat, combined with sweet flavors for dessert or used to make savory sandwiches. Fresh croissants tend to get stale within three days, so what can you do if you have a large batch of leftover croissants? You don’t have to eat croissants for every meal or throw them away. Instead, you can freeze them. Using your freezer to store foods can be a great way to avoid waste and save money. If you freeze croissants correctly, they will taste nearly the same as fresh.

Place baked and cooled (or recently purchased) croissants onto a large baking sheet, making sure they do not touch. Put the tray into a freezer for about two hours or until croissants are firm.

Remove croissants from freezer and wrap each individual croissant in aluminum foil. Place the wrapped croissants into a gallon-size freezer bag and seal.

Use a felt tip marker to label the contents and write the date on the freezer bag. Lay bag flat in freezer and store for up to one month.

Remove individual croissants from foil and place them frozen on a baking sheet. Warm frozen croissants in a toaster oven (or a regular oven at 325 degrees) for five minutes or until warmed through.


Croissants should be frozen within three days of baking or purchase for best results.