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Croissants are a tasty French pastry made by folding sugary-buttery dough to create a layered look. The dough is then formed into a crescent shape with tapered ends and baked. This gives the croissant an appearance of order and structure; however, there is no proper way to enjoy the tasty treat. This leaves a lot of variation to how people eat their croissant, but there are some steps you can take to ensure you don’t make a mess or drop the pastry.

Wrap one end of the croissant with a napkin. It will also prevent you from getting butter on your fingers.

Bite the other end of the croissant to get a small piece in your mouth. Biting the other end, rather than biting in the center, will ensure the croissant maintains its form while you eat it. Biting in the middle may cause the croissant to bend, which may cause it to break off and fall.

Dip the croissant into your choice of dipping sauce or liquid. Croissants are often dipped into chocolate or coffee to add flavor to the dough as you eat. You can also add jam to the croissant.

Continue eating the croissant until you get near the portion of the croissant covered by the napkin. Take croissant out of napkin to finish eating.


Croissants can also be cut in half lengthwise and used to create a sandwich. If using a croissant for this purpose, use two hands to hold the croissant.

You may also use a fork and knife to eat the croissant to avoid getting butter on your hands and fingers.


Croissants are higher in calories than normal bread and should be consumed in moderation, according to nutritionists at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Some people recommend unrolling the croissant to eat it; however, this is normally not possible. The folding of the croissant gives the illusion that it has been rolled up and that it can easily be unraveled; however, this is normally not the case.