How to Freeze Hot Dog Buns

By Christina Kalinowski

Leftover hot dog buns can be safely stored in the freezer for later use, provided you ensure that they are tightly wrapped to prevent moisture loss. It's best to individually wrap leftover hot dog buns, then seal in a storage bag with as much of the air removed as possible. Unopened packages of hot dog buns can go straight into the freezer.


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Freezing Hot Dog Buns


Individually wrap leftover hot dog buns in aluminum foil and place in a storage bag. Try to remove as much air from the bag as possible to keep the buns moist upon thawing. Unopened packages of hot dog buns can go straight into the freezer as much of the air will already have been removed from the package. Write the date of freezing on the outside of the bag; hot dog buns will keep up to 3 months but are best used within 1 month. Freeze at 0 degree Fahrenheit for the best results.

Thawing Hot Dog Buns


When you're ready to use, let the hot dog buns come to room temperature in their wrapping to allow for the reabsorption of lost moisture. Warmed or toasted hot dog buns may also be frozen, though when they are thawed they will lack moisture and are best used as breadcrumbs or to make croutons.