Bologna sausage thin sliced cut

Buying groceries in bulk is usually a more cost-effective way to shop. Especially if you make lunch every day for yourself or your children, buying large packages of lunch meat and freezing what you won’t use this week will save you money in the long run versus buying each week’s luncheon meat as you go. Bologna is already one of the more cost-effective meats available, and freezing it will allow you to stretch each grocery dollar even further.

Place the factory-sealed package directly in the freezer. The U.S. Department of Agriculture advises that lunch meat can be safely frozen for up to two months.

Place the opened package of bologna in a freezer safe bag. If you decided to pull out the bologna you will want in the next five days and place it in a separate container, you can freeze the remainder.

Seal the bag leaving one corner open slightly. Fold the bag over and squeeze out the excess air.

Place one end of a straw into the open corner of the bag and suck out any remaining air. Air inside the bag will cause freezer burn and will dry out your bologna. While food is still edible when freezer-burned, the flavor is compromised.

Carefully draw the straw out of the corner of the bag while sealing the open corner. Try to let as little air back in as you can. After the bag is sealed, place it in the freezer and label with the date of packaging so you know when the two month safety time limit has been reached.


Do not freeze lunch meat if you cannot satisfactorily remove the air from the package or freeze a vacuum-sealed store-bought package.