How to Sharpen a Jumbo Eye Pencil

By LeafTV Editor

Jumbo eye pencils are great for giving you the most color around your eyes, but you need to keep them sharpened in order to properly apply the make-up. Regular eye pencils can be honed with traditional pencil sharpeners, but a jumbo eye pencil will not fit inside one of these. Here are some steps you can take to get your jumbo eye pencil perfectly pointed.

Jumbo Eyeliners
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How To Sharpen A Jumbo Eye Pencil

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Put the jumbo eye pencil into the sharpener built for it and twist clockwise. This step should only be followed if you can find a jumbo eye pencil sharpener. If you cannot locate one, continue to the next steps.

Hold the eye pencil firmly in your non-dominant hand over a trash can. The point of the pencil should be pointed away from you. If you are left handed, you will hold the pencil in your right hand.

Hold the utility knife in your dominant hand and gently shave off a small amount of wood from the tip of the jumbo eye pencil by pressing the blade of the utility knife on the pencil where the paper ends and pushing it at an angle. You will have a sliver of the wood from the side of the bottom part of the pencil shaved off.

Turn the pencil and repeat Step 3.

Continue to turn the eye pencil, shaving off bits of wood from the bottom until the tip reaches the desired point. Use as you normally would your eye pencil.


  • Holding the eye pencil over a trash can while you are shaving off the end will prevent a mess as all of the shavings will fall into the trash.