How to Sew a Prayer Shawl

By Anne Wheeler

Prayer shawls are made and given to people in times of need or to mark special occasions. They can be knitted, crocheted, woven or sewn. There is no one pattern to sew a prayer shawl—anything that is made with the right intentions and results in a something that can be draped and worn to offer comfort will work. One simple pattern for a sewn prayer shawl has two front pieces and leaves the arms free.

Prayer shawls are made for people in need of comfort or to mark large life events.

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Step 1

Focus on the person who will be receiving the shawl. Recite or think of a prayer, blessing, or wish for the recipient. Continue to think of the recipient and pray while working on the shawl.

Step 2

Cut the fabric into four 2-yard pieces.

Step 3

Sew the pieces together, resulting in an extra-wide piece that is 2 yards long

Step 4

Cut a long u-shape along the sewn seam that is 1 yard long and 8 inches wide.

Step 5

Repeat steps 2 through 4 with the other two pieces of fabric.

Step 6

Sew the matching pieces together, right sides facing, leaving a small gap. Turn the shawl right side out through the small gap, and sew the gap together.

Step 7

Recite or think of a final blessing or prayer and give the shawl to the person for whom you made it.