How to Roll Hair With Flexi Rods

By Melinda Gaines

When women want spiral curls, they have traditionally resorted to setting their hair on plastic or foam rollers, or painstakingly curling small sections of hair with a curling iron. The heat of a curling iron can cause damage and does not provide consistent results, while hair that is set with traditional rollers is uncomfortable to sleep in. Flexi rods provide a solution for those wanting sleek, bouncy spiral curls since they are heat-free and can be worn comfortably while sleeping. Setting hair with flexi rods is also less time-consuming than hot curling and setting with traditional rollers.


Wash your hair thoroughly, condition it with a moisturizing conditioner and wring it out slightly. Do not towel dry your hair, as it needs to be nearly soaking wet.

Apply a leave-in conditioner throughout your wet hair. A formula that adds shine, moisture and controls frizz will give you the best finished look.

Distribute setting lotion throughout your hair--this will help your hair keep the curl once it is set on the flexi rods. Using a setting lotion that does not contain alcohol, which can dry out the hair, will help prevent your finished curls from becoming frizzy.

Make a part in your hair using a rat-tail comb--once the curls are set on the flexi rods, you will not be able to change the part in your hair without ruining the curls. Middle and side parts are both easy to make and stylish.

Put the flexi rods in by taking small sections of hair and wrapping the sections around the rods from tip to root. After the entire section of hair is wrapped around the rod, coil it up towards your scalp--this will ensure that the rod stays in your hair. Repeat this step until all of your hair has been wrapped around flexi rods.

Leave the rods in overnight, with your hair secured under a satin wrap or bonnet. Alternatively, you can sit under a hooded dryer on a high setting until your hair is completely dry.

Take the flexi rods out of your hair by first uncoiling them and then unwrapping each section of hair from tip to root. The rods will typically slide away from your hair once they are uncoiled, as long as your hair is completely dry.

Spray your hair lightly with a holding spray, holding spritz or oil sheen spray to give your curls shine and help them hold longer. Try to use a spray that does not contain alcohol so that your hair doesn't frizz up or become sticky or crunchy.