How to Put on Pandora Beads

By Anne Baley

Pandora bracelets are a form of charm bracelet with beads instead of hanging charms for decoration. There is a large variety of Pandora beads from which to choose, from simple designs to elaborate ones. There are gold and silver beads, beads with enamel and Murano glass beads. Some beads come with words, shapes or letters to make your bracelet more personal and meaningful.

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Step 1

Open your Pandora bracelet chain by opening the bracelet clasp. The clasp looks like a very small hinged box. Use your fingernail if needed to open the clasp and remove the loose end of the bracelet from the clasp. You will now have a long snake chain upon which to string your beads.

Step 2

Look inside your Pandora beads to see thread-like grooves. These grooves are used to screw the bead onto the Pandora bracelet. If your bead does not have these grooves, it is not a Pandora bead, and you will not be able to add it to your Pandora bracelet.

Step 3

Hold the bracelet end without the clasp in one hand and the bead in the other. Screw the bead onto the bracelet; keep screwing it down until you reach the end of the bracelet or the place where you want the bead to rest.

Step 4

Add the next bead by screwing it onto the bracelet and then screwing it down the length of the chain until it almost touches the first bead or reaches the space where you want it to sit. Leave a little room between beads so the bracelet can bend easily.

Step 5

Close your bracelet when you have finished stringing all your beads. Place the ball at the small end of the bracelet so it is just inside a groove in the open clasp. Close the hinged part of the clasp until it clicks closed.