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Bulova watches have stainless steel watchbands that can be adjusted. If your wrist is smaller than the watchband, you are going to need to remove some links. You can do this at home with some simple tools and create your own fit. Getting your Bulova watch enlarged or taken in only costs a few dollars at most jewelry stores, but if you want to do it yourself, you can customize the watchband length in just a few minutes.

Try on your watch and see how many links you need to remove or add. If you need to add links, purchase more by visiting a jewelry store that sells Bulova products.

Look on the back of your watch for arrows on the links or tiny words that say "E-Z," directing you to the links that are easiest to remove.

Lay a thumbtack face up on a hard, non-slippery surface and carefully place the watch pin down onto the tip of the tack. Press down using increasing amounts of pressure to pop the pin up. Watch your fingers and keep them as far away from the tack as possible.

Use needle-nosed pliers to grasp the pin that is sticking up and remove the rest of it.

Align your remaining watch links up to the new length and replace the pin with the pliers, pushing down against the table until it snaps back into place. You may have to wiggle the link to force the pin down. If you are adding links, align the new links and insert the pin.