How to Make Your Ears Not Stick Out

By Dana Poblete

Sometimes certain body parts can make us feel so self-conscious. If your ears sticking out is one of those things, there are a few tricks to making them less noticeable.


Step 1

Grow your hair long enough to cover your ears. If your hair has some body or curl to it, this trick works even better to keep your ears hidden.

Step 2

Wear a beautiful necklace and top to draw attention away from your ears. Let people admire your clothing and accessories and you'll also feel more confident.

Step 3

Wear a stretchy hair band so that it covers and holds your ears close to your head.

Step 4

Eyebrow or nose piercings can divert attention from your ears to other parts of your face.

Step 5

If you aren't happy with your ears no matter what you try, you can have them pinned back through cosmetic surgery. This is a last resort, though—know that you're beautiful the way you are.