Beautiful young woman in the snow in winter

Hair loss in black women can come about due to a variety of factors. Sometimes, bald patches are hereditary or a sign of female alopecia, a condition where patches of hair fall out. Alternatively, the hair loss could just be the result of wearing tight braids or cornrows for years, which put too much stress on the hair. Until you see a doctor or a hair specialist, there are hairstyles you can create to conceal bald patches.


Bangs are practically a miracle worker when it comes to concealing bald patches. Many bald patches occur on the edges of the hairline and bangs cover this perfectly. Sweep the remaining portion of hair forward towards your jawline and cut it so that it conceals any bald patches. In this manner, your hair will be approximately chin length and styled in such a way that it will naturally sweep forward.


Cutting layers around your face is another suitable solution for concealing bald patches around your forehead or ears. Layers frame your face and you can curl them and thus use their length to better conceal bald patches. Layers will not only create a sense of texture to your hair but will also give your hair body and volume, something that thinning hair desperately needs.

Buns and High Ponytails

Bald patches at the crown of the head are sometimes easier to conceal because they are in a less noticeable place. You can sweep your hair up, pulling it back so that it rests directly on top of the bald patch. Curl the ends of the ponytail to make it look bigger. For larger patches, twist your ponytail into a coil and wrap it around so that it creates a bun. Alternatively you can fold the ponytail in half and tuck half of it underneath the actual ponytail, pinning it in place and thus creating a chignon.