Imagine walking into the party with a pair of those very fuzzy boot covers. Now you can turn any pair of boots, short or tall, into a fashionable pair of fuzzy boots. You will need very basic sewing skills, and the cost is minimal because the fuzzy boot covers don't require much fabric. Besides being fashionable, the fuzzy boot covers will add an extra layer of warmth for those frigid winter days. By following the simple instructions, you will be able to create fuzzy boot covers in a variety of colors and fake fur piles to match your boots and outfits.

Things You'll Need

Measure length of calf with tape measure. Measure from where the top of the fuzzy boot cover will be worn to the ankle. Add 4 inches to that number to allow for a casing at both ends of the fuzzy boot cover. Record that measurement.

Measure the widest part of the calf. Add 4 inches for seam and to allow the fuzzy boot cover to slip easily over the boot and leg. Record that measurement.

Calculate the amount of fabric needed to make the fuzzy boot covers. The length of the fabric will be determined by the length of the calf. Double the measurement for the width of the fuzzy boot covers as two boot covers will need to be cut.

Purchase fake fur fabric for the fuzzy boot covers.

Lay the fake fur on a flat surface, fur side down. Note the direction of the pile of the fur; on the wrong-side of the fake fur, use a pen to mark the direction of the pile with an arrow. “Pile” refers to the direction the fur lies smooth. This is important because both fuzzy boot covers must have the pile going in the same direction.

Measure and mark the two boot covers according to the length and width recorded.

Cut two boot covers as marked.

Measure and mark, on the wrong-side of the fur fabric, 3-inch casings at the top and bottom of each fuzzy boot cover. The top casing will hold the elastic band that keeps the boot cover in place on the leg. At the bottom, the elastic casing will cover the ankle of the boot and make it appear as one tall, fuzzy boot.

Fold the casings over so that they can be sewn on the wrong-side of the fur fabric. Pin casings in place with straight pins.

Sew casings using a straight stitch by hand or by sewing machine. Remove straight pins.

Fold boot cover in half, wrong-side out with casings at the bottom and top. Sew seam starting just below the upper casing and ending above the lower casing. Repeat with second boot cover.

Measure elastic ribbon for casings. Place elastic ribbon snuggly but not too tightly around calf of leg where the top of the fuzzy boot cover will be worn. Add 1 inch for seam allowance. Cut two pieces of elastic ribbon this length.

Place elastic ribbon snuggly but not tightly around the ankle. Add 1 inch for seam allowance. Cut two pieces of elastic ribbon this length.

Insert elastic ribbon in casings. Pin the end of the elastic ribbon to a large safety pin. Place safety pin with elastic ribbon attached into casing opening. Gently push safety pin and elastic ribbon through the casing. When the end of the casing is reached, remove safety pin and sew the ends of the elastic ribbon together. Repeat process until all the elastic ribbons have been placed in the casings.

Sew the casings closed on the wrong side of the fur fabric.

Turn the fuzzy boot covers right-side out. Remove any excess fur, loose threads, etc. Brush fur pile if needed.

Spray fuzzy boot covers with stain guard and waterproof spray to help keep the clean and dry.


  • These fuzzy boot covers have only one seam. You may wear the seam straight up the back of the leg or turn them to the inside of the leg.

  • If you prefer the “yeti” look, skip the elastic ribbon at the bottom of the fuzzy boot cover. Sew the ends of the casing closed and allow the fur to hang down, loose over the top of the boot.

  • Because the fuzzy boot covers do not require much fabric, check the remnants table for discounted fake fur. Also check at fabric sales at the end of the fall/winter sewing season.