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Whether your jeans have gone out of fashion or you're simply in the mood for something new, a pair of old denim jeans can be turned into a fashionable skirt in just a few steps. This no-sew project requires little more than some scissors, a pencil and paper, as well as a unique fabric that fits your personal style. Use a funky material such as faux fur or sequins when creating this skirt to make a piece of apparel that's truly your own.

Decide how long you want the skirt. Try on the pair of jeans and mark with a piece of chalk where you want the skirt to fall. Take the jeans off and use scissors and a ruler to cut straight lines across the marked measurement. To create a full-length skirt, you don't need to mark or shorten the jeans at all.

Lay a piece of newspaper or a large piece of paper on the floor. Put the jeans on top of the paper with the legs apart so the legs form a triangle shape. Use a pencil to trace the space between the legs, moving from the crotch down to wherever you've cut the length of the skirt. Add a half-inch to either side of this pattern to make it easier to attach later.

Use the pattern to cut out two triangular pieces of fabric. Select a fabric that will match the jean skirt, such as a cotton or wool material. If you've cut enough material from the jeans, you can use this leftover fabric to create the triangular pieces. Pin the pattern on the fabric and snip around the perimeter.

Open the inside seams of each pant leg using a seam ripper. Cut from the bottom of each leg all the way up to the crotch. You may need to trim away some of the pieces near the top of the pants where they meet and from the crotch.

Cutting the seam of one leg slightly higher than the other should allow the fabrics to overlap letting the jeans will lie flat on the ground. Use scissors to trim away any excess threads so that the fabric has clean, straight lines on all sides.

Lay one triangle piece of material underneath the front of the pant legs. Line up the bottoms so all the fabrics are even across. To create a punk or edgy look, secure the triangle piece in place with a line of safety pins. Otherwise, use fabric glue along the border where the jeans and fabric overlap. Repeat this process with the other fabric triangle on the back of the jeans.

Hem the bottom of the skirt with another row of safety pins or by folding it under itself and securing it with fabric glue.


Instead of a traditional fabric to connect the jeans into a skirt, use material from an old dress, T-shirt or souvenir towel for a one-of-a-kind creation.