Overweight businessman with a pot belly holding his suspenders
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A good fashion trick can go a long way and not just for women. Men who are looking to hide their stomach can do so by taking simple and easy steps in the way they dress. From wearing the right prints and colors to making sure the fit is perfect, hiding a man's stomach is not mission impossible.

Prints, Patterns & Colors

When you want to call attention to something you often highlight it, in this case we are going to do the exact opposite to the man's mid section by choosing simple prints, patterns and colors. If you are a man looking to hide your stomach, opt for neutral colors like brown and beige, steering clear of colors like bright orange or neon green. This also applies to prints and patterns. If you like checkered clothing, choose checkered shorts, and pair them with a plain t-shirt. The busy pattern will call attention away from your mid section.

The Fit

It is extremely important to have a good fit, if you are trying to hide a problem area like your stomach. For example, loose clothing can make you look bigger and add bulk to your frame. Similarly, wearing a tight fitting garment can hug your curves in all the wrong places. The best fit to hide your stomach would be a slim fit. This fit is not overly tight but not extremely loose. Its comfortable yet fitted and very flattering.


Coats, jackets and sweaters can all be your friend when attempting to hide belly fat. If layered the right way, these extra garments can add a flattering touch to your shape. Try throwing on a sports coat on top of a casual t-shirt or a dress shirt. This will bring out your shoulders and broaden your back, so your body looks more proportioned to your stomach, which will ultimately make your stomach look smaller. As always, each layer has to fit appropriately.

When In Doubt

Styling can seem a little complicated at times. If you are a man trying to hide your stomach and still aren't sure which route to take, stick with the classics: long-sleeve, black or navy blue and a solid shirt. The colors will flatter your mid-section, while the sleeves will add length to your arms, giving you an all around slimmer look. Pair this with well-fitted, dark blue jeans or gray slacks, and you will have yourself a slimming ensemble.