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There are several reasons why girls would wear undergarments under their dresses. The dress may be too thin and show too much skin. You may also wear certain undergarments to help bring out the perfect body shape or to push up those saggy boobs. In addition, to make your dress look more presentable and elegant, you may wear undergarments for fashion purposes.

Slips and Girdles

Slips and girdles help bring out a more sophisticated look when wearing a dress. Slips are worn under a see-through dress and to help reduce static cling. If too much tummy or other parts of the body are bulging, girls may choose to wear a girdle to restrict the bulging areas. Girdles can be worn as a panty that covers the stomach or worn as a whole body suit to suck in access fat around the thighs, butt and hips.


Panties can accent a dress or degrade the look of the dress. Panties and bras should be synchronized with the color of the dress. This will help you to keep your underwear from being noticeable. If a dress is really thin or short, girls may wear spandex short shorts. Depending on how tight the dress, girls may wear underwear that doesn’t have a panty liner or no panties and just pantyhose.


If the dress is strapless, she may wear a strapless bra. A halter bra with slim straps is an option or a bra with clear straps. Breast petals are also used for revealing dresses. Push up bras are used to accent the breast for dresses with a V-neck design. Girls may wear a revealing blouse to show off her bra or undo a couple of buttons on her shirt to show off her bra as a fashion statement.


Pantyhose are used to accent the dress. Shear pantyhose helps a dress to look more elegant and professional. Pantyhose come in many colors and styles such as fishnet pantyhose.