Woman wearing oversized panty

Padded panties for women are a type of underwear that can hide cellulite, shape your butt and fill out pants for a shapely toned figure. Shaping undergarments have long been popular in Hollywood and are a fantastic alternative to permanent plastic surgery. With today'sclothing styles, a nice bottom is a necessity to show off! These useful shaping undergarments or padded panties can be purchased in stores, but they can also be created easily and cheaply at home.

Buy two pairs of nude or black women's underwear. The first pair should be a size or two larger than the size you normally wear, the second pair should be your normal size and should fit snugly. Make sure the butt area is full coverage. Nude or black women's underwear are the most useful colors as they can be worn under most clothing.

Go to a sewing supply store and purchase thick panty stuffing in the "sheet" style. Cotton is not a good option since it will change shape when it gets wet and may shrink, choose a synthetic stuffing option.

Sew the padding into the butt area of the padded panties. It helps to first put on the underwear and pin the padding into the shape you want it to hold. Carefully take off the panties with pins in them and sew the padding into place. If desired, you can also sew both pairs of panties together.