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With so many styles and colors to choose from, a pair of jeans is a must-have clothing item. If your choice is the skinny jean, keep in mind the word "skinny" describes the opening at the legs, not the type of body wearing it. This is a style of jean that any woman or man can wear no matter what body type.

The Fit of Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are designed to be tight fitting like leggings. These pants should fit snugly but still have enough stretch in the material so that they do not feel like they are clinging to your legs. You should be able to pull on the fabric easily. Some skinny jeans have an elastic waist while others have a button or snap closure. Victoria Beckham, creator of DVB Denim, advises the jeans should be flat around the stomach with the proper amount of stretch in the material. This provides enough room for the knee and leg without any sagging.

Fit at the Ankle

Along with tapered legs, skinny jeans have small leg openings at the bottom of the pants. These openings should fit tightly on the ankles. The material may be smooth or bunched a little at the ankles. The jeans should remain fitted throughout the legs.

Shape and Height

Despite the tight fit of skinny jeans, a pear-shaped female can still wear them if paired with the proper attire on the upper body. The larger lower half can be hidden with a tunic. This loose-fitting blouse covers the rear and hips. Tall men should be sure to wear skinny jeans that reach the ankles, to avoid the appearance that the pants are too short.

Jean Color

Skinny jeans are available in light or darker wash denim, black and white for men and women. Ladies also have a choice of colors such as cobalt blue, pink and red. White tends to make the legs look bigger, so pear shapes may want to wear skinny jeans in other color choices. Muscular men should also avoid white as an option because it tends to enhance thick thighs or calves; a dark blue denim or black skinny jean is a suitable alternative.