How to Make Food With a Hair Dryer

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Maybe you're a college student living in the dormitories. Maybe you're stuck in a position where your stove is broken. Making food with a hair dryer is a simple but time consuming alternative to cooking on the stove. Nearly anything that needs to be cooked on low heat or requires melting can be made with a hair dryer. A grilled cheese sandwich is one such food item that takes little in the way of time and supplies.

How To Make Food With A Hair Dryer
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How To Make Food With A Hair Dryer

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Using the knife, spread butter on one side of each piece of bread.

Place one slice of the bread, buttered side up, on the plate.

Place one to three pieces of cheese on top of the bread that is on the plate. The more cheese you use, the heartier your sandwich will be, but it will also take more time to prepare.

Add any other items you would like to your sandwich. These can include lunch meats, tomato slices, or other items that do not need to be thoroughly cooked and will not be damaged by mild heat.

Cover the sandwich with the second piece of bread, placing the buttered side down on top of the contents of the sandwich.

Turn on the hair dryer to the highest setting. Hold the hair dryer approximately 6 to 12 inches away from your sandwich.

Heat the sandwich until the cheese begins to melt. Rotate the plate every few minutes, ensuring a nice, even amount of cooking throughout the sandwich.

Continue to assess your sandwich. When the cheese has melted sufficiently, turn off and unplug the hair dryer. Allow the hair dryer to cool on a heat resistant surface. Allow your sandwich to cool before eating.


  • Sandwiches are not the only item that can be made with the aid of a hair dryer. Canned soup or pre-cooked microwave meals can be heated using this method.

  • Other common household items can be used to prepare food too. Innovative people have discovered that clothing irons and electric blankets, among other items, can be used in the same manner.