How to Pan-Fry Cheese

By Nick Callos

Have you ever eaten pan-fried cheese and wondered just how it was made? Making pan-fried cheese correctly is a delicate process, but it can be done at home even if you are not a professional cook. The short time it takes to pan-fry cheese will make you want to cook it again and again, and try many different cheeses.

A variety of cheeses can be pan fried.


Step 1

Using the knife and cutting board, cut the cheese into cubes roughly two by two centimeters (See Reference 1).

Step 2

Place the frying pan on the stove and pour a thin layer of olive oil over the pan. Turn the heater onto medium or medium-high. Be sure the frying pan you use is a non-stick frying pan. If not, a lot of the cheese will easily get stuck on the pan (See Reference 1).

Step 3

Heat the olive oil for a few minutes (See Reference 1). Once it starts fizzing, it's time to cook the cheese.

Step 4

Carefully place the cheese cubes into the frying pan.The cheese should begin to bubble.

Step 5

Cook for roughly three to five minutes, flipping each side once or twice to ensure even cooking. Stop the burner once the cheese has turned to a slight, golden-brown color (See Reference 2).

Step 6

Take the cheese out of the frying pan and place on a paper towel in order to soak off the extra oil (See Reference 1). By now the cubes should be crispy and ready to eat!