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Frozen cheese loses some of its creamy texture, so it's best used melted or stirred into a cooked dish where the texture change isn't obvious. Shredded or block hard cheeses wrapped tightly in plastic wrap survive freezing best, but store them in no more than ½ pound packages so they freeze and defrost more quickly.

Thawing Successfully

Slow defrosting helps retain the cheese's texture so it doesn't become too crumbly. Leave the package tightly wrapped in plastic or in the plastic bag it was frozen in to retain moisture as the cheese thaws. Place it in the refrigerator. Thaw overnight or for 24 hours, or until the cheese is completely defrosted. Solid blocks of cheese take longer to defrost than shredded cheeses. Do not try to speed defrosting by thawing at room temperature because this can cause the cheese to dry out and storage above 40 degrees Fahrenheit increases the chances of spoilage.

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