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A panini isn't your average sandwich. Grilled and flattened with a weight or in a panini press, the sandwich features a crisped exterior around warm, delicious fillings. Choose a bread that adds flavor and heft, so your sandwich doesn't fall apart during the grilling process. Flavorful and sturdy Italian breads, such as focaccia, crusty Italian bread and ciabatta, are sturdy and complement classic flavors, such as mozzarella and basil or roasted vegetables and goat cheese.

Go Artisan

Opt for bakery or artisan-style breads for their heartiness and flavor. Some breads are flavored with ingredients such as sundried tomatoes, Parmesan cheese or herbs, which pair well with ingredients you may use for the filling. For example, an olive focaccia complements a roasted vegetable filling, while a rosemary-scented Italian bread works well with smoked turkey, caramelized onions and Provolone cheese. Ciabatta rolls, meanwhile, stand up well to intensely flavored meats.

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