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If you are on a budget, a little know-how is all you need to wear inexpensive makeup with class and style.

Make sure you select the correct shade and texture of foundation and concealer or camouflage. Match your foundation to your jawline, so that your color selection blends from your face to your neck. Ensure that your base's formulation is non-greasy as well so that it does not leave you with a shiny complexion. Blemishes should seem to disappear instead of being highlighted by a too-light camouflage. The undereye area ought to be brightened up by a concealer that is only a notch or two lighter than foundation rather than excessively pale.

Find a face powder that is translucent to prevent potential damage done by a shade that does not match. Dust on face after foundation, camouflage and concealer application. The powder helps the rest of your makeup go on more smoothly as it blots away any oils that may still be sitting atop your skin.

Scrape off some of the eyeshadow, blush and lipstick that you will be using onto a palette with a spatula. This way, even if your makeup is not highly pigmented as is common with many brands of inexpensive makeup, you can easily and skillfully layer on more to build color as you desire.

Collect the brushes and tools that will help your makeup application appear more professional, even if it may take you some time. In the meantime, before you get your hands on adequate brushes, pick up some at an art store or learn how to temporarily but expertly manage the applicators that come with your makeup. Learn how to blend away hard edges and obvious lines with a sponge. Clean up unintentional smudges and messes with a cotton swab dipped either in foundation or clean water, depending on the area you are working on.

Study which colors look best on you. Prior to making any makeup purchases, discover which shades and hues make your personal coloring come alive by trying on a variety of clothes from your existing wardrobe. Which ones constantly and consistently get you compliments on the basis of color? This takes out the guesswork come makeup shopping day.

Learn how your makeup items function best. Perhaps your colored powder products like eyeshadow and blush look extremely sheer to the point of not showing up when you apply them dry, but how about trying them wet? Dipping a sponge or applicator moist with clean water into your scraped-off product may very well do wonders to bring it to life. Similarly, pencils go on more smoothly after being heated over a small flame, such as that of a lighter. Allow to cool a few seconds and test temperature on hand before applying to face.


Educate yourself on the styles of makeup that most flatter you. Even if you presently may not have the best quality of cosmetics at your disposal, the way you apply your makeup has a huge impact on the calibre of your appearance. Take good care of your skin. A smooth complexion contributes largely as well to how you can make inexpensive makeup work successfully on you. Essentially, to fake a pricy makeover, you need textures, shades and colors that flatter you, and a method of application that blends away any harsh or evident lines so your makeup enhances rather than screams out.

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