How to Make Braided Headbands

By Contributing Writer

Braided headbands were big in the 1970s and '80s and are actually a great way to reuse old pieces of fabric. Old T-shirts, pantyhose, tights or any stretchy fabric can be used to create a braided headband. Braided headbands can be a quick and easy project to make, and since they can be made out of old clothes, you can always have a set ready for any time.

Step 1

Cut your fabric into 1-inch wide strips. You will need about nine 10-inch long strips.

Step 2

Layer the nine strips together and sew them together 1/2-inch from one end using your needle and thread or sewing machine.

Step 3

Sew one end of the elastic at this point as well, making sure to fold over the edges of fabric to secure the elastic.

Step 4

Divide the strips into three sets of three and braid until you have 1 inch left. Sew the ends of the nine strips together.

Step 5

Measure the braided fabric and elastic around your head until it is snug. Pin it in place when it feels sufficiently tight.

Step 6

Pull the band off your head. Sew it together using the needle and thread or sewing machine. Make sure to wrap the fabric edges around the elastic to keep it neat. Once you've done this, you can wear your headband.