How to Make Basketball Shorts

By LeafTV Editor

How to Make Basketball Shorts. There's nothing quite like the comfort of customized sports apparel. If you want to make your own basketball shorts or make a pair for your family's favorite hoops nut, you'll need a pattern, the right fabric, equipment and a little sewing know-how. With a little care and effort, your homemade basketball shorts will be a slam dunk.

Make Basketball Shorts

Step 1

Buy a pattern for the basketball shorts. A site like Langs Sporting Goods can give you ideas for fabric styles and contrasts popularly used (see Resources below).

Step 2

Consult the person for whom you're making the shorts. Find out whether he has any specific style preferences--basketball shorts are usually worn longer than they used to be. If so, simply follow the directions on the pattern, allowing for the appropriate amount of extra length.

Step 3

Choose a specialty fabric, such as polyester-dazzle cloth or polyester-mesh fabric. Basketball shorts are usually made from breathable material and are often made of fabric with a shiny or glossy finish.

Step 4

Trace the pattern on the fabric, using pins to delineate the grain lines, center-front line, leg sides and leg bottoms. Exact directions will vary from pattern to pattern, so read and follow the instructions closely.

Step 5

Cut the fabric, marking the hips, waist and inseams with notches or pins. Work from the outside in, sewing the outsides of the legs together first and working your way in to sew the crotch seams. It is not necessary to make a fly on a pair of basketball shorts.

Step 6

Hem the leg openings to create a smooth, even finish. Tuck 1/4 inch of material up inside the leg openings, and secure it by sewing it into place.

Step 7

Add the waistband last. To sew the waistband, turn the fabric inside out and place your waistband elastic about 1/2 inch beneath the top of the shorts. Fold the 1/2 inch (or so) of material down over the waistband and sew it into place using a topstitch.