How to Make an Elastic Waistband Without a Casing

By Patti Richards

Making an elastic waistband without a casing saves time and effort when you're constructing a skirt or other garment with a gathered waist. Waistbands without a casing are comfortable and easy to wear, and, if stretched properly, don't roll. This type of elastic waistband is sewn directly to the fabric rather than slipped through the fabric and the outer casing.

Sew a no-casing waistband directly to stretched fabric.

Step 1

Stitch the cut-out garment together at the side seams. Cut a piece of nonroll elastic to fit the waist of the person who will wear the garment. Make the elastic a little snug at the beginning since it will be sewn through several times.

Step 2

Use a zigzag stitch to sew the piece of elastic together at the ends.

Step 3

Assemble the garment to the lining and baste the fashion fabric and lining to hold the pieces together.

Step 4

Place elastic at the top of the garment and line it up with the top edge against the inside of the garment. Zigzag the elastic to the garment at this top edge to hold it in place.

Step 5

Stitch close to the unattached edge of the elastic through all the layers with a shallow zigzag or straight stitch, stretching the elastic as you go.

Step 6

Turn the garment lining side out so that both right sides show. Stitch through the lining and the elastic approximately ¼ inch from the seam between the lining and the garment. Make another row of stitches another ¼ inch away from the first row.

Step 7

Turn the garment right side out and press the waistline if necessary.