How to Make a Slouchy Hat With Old Clothes

By Sophia Sola

Slouchy hats aren't formal, but they are useful and fashionable in casual settings. They can be worn to keep your head and ears warm, to completely cover up a bad hair day or to show off do-it-yourself fashion at the next party. The best thing about slouchy hats is that they can be made for pennies out of old sweaters or shirts that don't fit right anymore. Sport a homegrown hat like this one next time you go out, and gracefully accept the compliments it garners -- there's no need to tell your admirers it took you only minutes to make.

The better the fabric you use, the nicer your slouchy hat will look.

Step 1

Lay the sweater or shirt on a flat surface and cut horizontally from underarm to underarm. Discard the top portion of the garment.

Step 2

Cut the garment again, parallel to the first cut but about an inch below it. You should end up with a large, 1-inch-wide loop. Set this loop aside.

Step 3

Cut the remaining bottom portion of the garment vertically next to one of the side seams.

Step 4

Wrap the fabric around your head, so that the waist portion of the garment is wrapped loosely around your crown and the rest of the material sticks up. Use a paperclip or a bobby pin to mark the fabric showing the width needed to wrap it loosely around your head.

Step 5

Lay out the material and cut vertically at the marked spot.

Step 6

Sew the fabric together along the vertical cuts. The right sides should be together so the seam is hidden. You should end up with a tube similar to the original garment bottom, but smaller in width.

Step 7

Cut the thin loop you had set aside in half, so that you end up with two 1-inch-wide strips. Discard one of the strips.

Step 8

Gather the cut end of the fabric tube closed. Wrap the 1-inch-wide strip around the gathered end two to three times, about 3 inches from the cut. Stretch the strip as you wrap it.

Step 9

Tie the ends of the strip tightly together. Cut off any excess material from the strip.