The Pixie cut is the ultimate summer haircut. Loved by celebrities -- such as Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes -- the cut ensures you keep cool in the summer heat, and is very flattering too. The length gives it a strong face defining look, and it has a naturally flirty vibe. It does need to be well-styled to prevent an unflattering poofy look, however.

Visit your hairdresser regularly. Keeping a pixie cut in order can be difficult, if your hair grows unevenly: But regular trims will ensure your cut stays looking good, and it will keep your hair healthy. Make sure you have discussed the type of pixie cut you want with your hairdresser, as some hair and face types suit a short, loose look, while others suit a much more defined, sleek look.

Brush your hair thoroughly to remove any knots. With short hair, knots are much more noticeable, and can cause a poofy appearance in the hair. If you have hair that knots easily, brush your hair at least twice a day, to prevent big knots from forming.

Use the water spritzer to gently dampen the hair. Wet hair is generally easier to style, however drenched hair is very difficult, so make sure your hair feels damp, but not soaked. A few sprays is usually enough.

Comb your hair out into the sections of your pixie cut. The location of these will depend on your individual cut, but the sections are usually obvious when looking in the mirror. Generally there are three or four sections, with one going forward towards your forehead, and two at the back on either side.

Put a small amount of texturizing gel onto your fingers, and ruffle through your hair -- to create the textured look. If you want a more sleek look, use strong hair gel to hold your hair in place. Use your styling comb to ensure everywhere is sleek, and there are no poofy areas.


  • Using a styling comb to shape your hair will mean the hair is more controlled, and less likely to produce lumps.