How to Layer Your Hair with Two Colors

By H.C. Hisel

Layering your hair with two colors adds "pop" to your hairstyle by accentuating your layers with a lighter color. Using two colors allows you to show off some of your personality, and it may take years off your appearance. Colors say a lot about who you are.

Layer Your Hair with Two Colors

Step 1

Properly match the two colors you'll use. It's best to choose two colors that complement each other and you. If you want a more natural look, stick to two different shades of the same color. For example, dark brown with light brown and dark blonde with light blonde go great together. Contrasting colors such as blonde and black are more trendy, rather than natural looking. In this case, you can have fun adding unnatural colors such as pink or blue to highlight.

Step 2

Frame your face with the lighter of the two colors. Adding a couple of lighter pieces to small sections by your eyes and around your face will enhance your appearance. This will bring out your eyes and give your skin a glow. It will also thin your face and enhance the look of your bone structure.

Step 3

Choose a base color. The majority of your hair color is the base color. The darker of the two colors should always be the base. This rule usually applies to natural looks and trendy looks. If you're highlighting your hair, the darker base color should be the color of 80 percent to 90 percent of your hair, including the bottom. In trendy looks such as when the bottom half of the hair is dyed one color and the top of another, this rule still applies. The darker base color should always be on the bottom. A darker color on top will discolor your face and make your hair appear as if it's thinning. It will also make your face appear heavier.

Step 4

Draw attention to your layers. When undergoing a more natural look, it's great to highlight your layers. Apply the lighter colors sporadically throughout your shorter hair to highlight the layers in your hairstyle.