Long, beautiful eyelashes are the envy of all women, and bat those beauties at a man? He's all yours. To grow back eyelashes, longer and thicker, you need to only follow a few simples steps, and you can have a gorgeous set of eyelashes all your own.

Grow back eyelashes longer and thicker first by taking a Biotin supplement. Biotin is a B vitamin that affects hair, skin, and nails. Take a 3000 mcg dose per day and you will notice an improvement in hair in about 3 months, sooner for your eyelashes. In fact, Biotin has been reported to work best on eyelashes - even grow back eyelashes where there were none, like on the bottom eyelid. Naysayers say it doesn't work and there are no studies to prove it, but just search it out and you will find success story after success story of it working. It can't hurt to try - no side effects.

Go easy on your lashes. Use only water based mascara - nothing that requires heavy duty eye make-up remover. Your lashes need to be treated tenderly so they have a chance to grow back healthy and strong. If you can avoid mascara all together for a while, that would be even better. If you do wear mascara, remove it gingerly, with a gentle cleanser that works on the entire face and won't sting the eyes like Purpose by Johnson & Johnson. Use a washcloth and rub down in the same motion, lifting as you come to the end of the eye. Do not rub in circles, or pinch the lashes between the cloth. That is damaging and will make your eyelashes fall out. If you want to grow back longer, thicker, fuller eyelashes, the best advice is BE GENTLE.

Use a product that contains bimatoprost, such as Latisse, to grow back eyelashes long and thick. Latisse is a new product on the market that is becoming a big hit for the effect it has on growing back eyelashes. The active ingredient, bimatoprost (also called Lumigan), was originally used to stop the progression of glaucoma. Surprise! A side effect was longer, thicker eyelashes on the patients. Now Latisse is on the market for just that. It takes about 12 weeks to get those eyelashes super thick and see the actual potential of the product on your eyes. Brooke Shields is the spokesperson and has had remarkable results.


  • Give the Biotin a few months to show results. If you don't have much, you can up the dose to 5000 mcg.