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Eyelashes protect your eyes from debris and help accentuate them. If you have inadequate eyelashes and would like to get fuller, darker and longer lashes, you can combine the use of Latisse with the use of eyelash extensions. Artificial eyelash extensions come in many different varieties ranging from full eyelashes to individual eyelashes. When combining Latisse with eyelash extensions, you should opt for removable eyelashes to prevent the eyelash glue from hindering your growth.

Clean your face before going to bed. Remove your contact lenses and makeup if you wear them. Apply your normal facial care products as you do before bedtime.

Place one drop of Latisse solution on an applicator. Hold the applicator horizontally to avoid any spillage. Always apply Latisse at nighttime if you plan on using eyelash extension during the day.

Trace the outline of your upper eye with the applicator. Work from the inner part toward the outer part of your eye. Apply the product as close as possible to the area where the lashes meet your skin. If you are not going to wear removable eyelash extensions and are already wearing semi-permanent eyelash extensions, try to steer clear of the bonding glue that bonds the artificial lashes to your natural lashes.

Wipe away any excess solution to prevent hair growth in undesired areas. Use a new applicator and repeat the application process on your other eye.

Wear your eyelash extensions during the day. Apply a drop of eyelash glue to the bottom part of the lashes and use tweezers to place them in between or over your lashes.

Dissolve your eyelash glue with eyelash glue remover or baby oil and remove your eyelash extensions before bedtime.

Repeat your Latisse application routine every night. You should reach full results after 16 weeks of daily use. Keep using Latisse to prevent your lashes from going back to the way they looked before.