How to Dress Like a Rock Star

By Sarah Vrba

From Mick Jagger to Jack White, rock stars have always been beacons of edgy, in-your-face fashion. But you don't have to be in the limelight to incorporate studded accessories and messy hair into your wardrobe -- make rock fashion yours with the right attitude and some rough-and-tumble clothes.

The Rolling Stones Perform Live In Auckland
credit: Fiona Goodall/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Take inspiration from classic Rolling Stones style.

Glam Rock Renegade

The '70s and '80s were all about the over-the-top stage presence. Tight-fitting pants in a bold pattern or sequins paired with a cropped or worn T-shirt scream Mick Jagger. Look for pants in a striped pattern or in bold reds or oranges. Add some platform shoes in a bright white or red and a single terry-cloth wristband for a high-impact look. If you want to make the outfit a costume, add a cape with a bold print or a jacket with lots of fringe.

O My!

Karen O is the goddess of the pop-punk rock world. Aspiring punk princesses can pair black cream eyeliner over a smoky eye shadow with a black asymmetrical leather biker jacket for instant evening glam. Add a pair of faded skinny jeans and some studded black heels to complete that road-touring goddess look. For men, simply team that structured, leather jacket with a worn tee and some dark jeans and combat boots for a sleek, punk-rock finish. Never shy from leather, fingerless gloves or studded accessories when shooting for this style.

Punk Panache

The edgiest punk rockers were working in the '70s and '80s -- think the Celtic band The Pogues. Worn jeans, flat sneakers, button-up shirts left partially undone and an aged blazer all give a devil-may-care attitude. Leave your hair mussed up and pair with some aviator sunglasses for a naturally hung-over effect. Alternatively, pair some plaid skinny pants with a wallet chain and a worn tee for a true punk-rock salute.

Stroke of Genius

Modern rock stars combine the more elegant, tailored aspects of fashion with that edgy undertone. Pair some faded jeans with an ironic T-shirt and a faded jacket for instant style. Add a thick, studded belt and a striped jacket to this formula for edgy accents. Keep the shoes simple -- either Doc Martens or some soccer-cleat style sneakers. Use the band The Strokes or Jack White from The White Stripes as inspiration. Add a fedora or a tie to any of these combos to complete the coolness factor.