How to Do Tight Spiral Curls with Flexi Rods

By Lindsay Pietroluongo

Many women lust after curly hair. Whether you have straight hair and want to switch up the texture, or you have unruly curly hair that you want to tame with uniform curls, flexi rods are a great option for hairstyling. Flexi rods are small rollers that can create tight, spiral curls. Unlike foam and plastic rollers that can create inconsistent curls, flexi rods make even ringlets throughout the entire mane. Get the hair you desire by using these simple and effective styling tools.

Use flexi rods to create curls.

Step 1

Wrap a small section of wet hair around the flexi rod. Start at the end of the section of hair and wrap towards the root of the hair. The flexi rod will be secured in the hair and stay put by bending the ends inward. Continue to wrap each section of hair until all hair is curled.

Step 2

Tie a satin hair wrap around your head and leave flexi rods in overnight.

Step 3

Remove the flexi rods in the morning or when hair is entirely dry. After unwinding all the curled sections of hair, spritz locks with a holding hairspray that includes shine serum. This will make your strands shiny and keep your curls in place throughout the day.