Portrait of blond woman with professional hairstyle. image by dinkat from Fotolia.com

Hairstyles can beautifully frame a face or accent all the wrong features. Before committing to a style that doesn't suit your face, being able to design the hairstyle and preview how it will look is ideal. Fortunately, there are online options available that make it easy to design a hairstyle and see how it will look on you before you sit in the stylist's chair.

Open a web browser and go to Taaz.com. Taaz has a free virtual makeover that includes both hair and makeup designing.

Select “Browse” to look for a personal photo on your computer, or select a model with a similar face. The models are only female on Taaz. Press “Start Makeover” to get started once the photo is selected.

Click the “Hairstyle” tab at the top of the picture and select hairstyles as preferred. The makeover tool has a wide range of styles to select from that include short, medium or long hair and different hair types like straight or curly.

Add makeup as preferred.

4 Hairstyles

Go to 4hairstyles.com and upload a photo of yourself or select a photo of the available models. The site has both male and female models.

Select “Hairstyles” beneath the photo and choose the length of the hairstyle you want and whether it is curly or straight.

Select a style from the available hairstyles and adjust it to fit the photo. Play around with a few different styles and types. Rotate and adjust the style, change the hair color and flip the style as preferred.