The Casio Illuminator watch series is favored by those who enjoy a mix of vintage and modern timepieces. While models vary, many of the watches have an analog face, with an inset digital display and back-light function. You'll get two clocks in one, and the Casio Illuminator allows you to set both features at once using the digital buttons.

Locate the ‘Mode’ button at the bottom left of the watch. Press down on it until the currently set time on the watch appears.

Press down on the ‘Adjust’ button directly over the ‘Mode’ button at the top left of the watch. Hold it down until the digital time begins to flash.

Hold down the ‘Search’ button at the bottom right of the watch, until the correct time is set. Both the analog and digital features will move in unison to set the time.

Press the ‘Adjust’ button once to stop the clock from flashing and officially set the time.