How to Cut Your Hair Into Scene Bangs

By Diana Prince

The "Scene" style, which is an alternative style widespread in popularity, and also commonly referred to as "Emo" style, is characterized by dark makeup, tight clothing and in particular dark, straight hair with long bangs styled to the side. The style is a favorite among teens and young adults, and if you want to achieve the look, you need to cut your hair into sharply angled side swept Scene bangs.

Cut a long sideswept fringe to cut your hair into Scene bangs.

Step 1

Wet your hair with a spray bottle or by wetting a comb and running it through your hair. This helps get rid of frizz and fly aways and ensures the smoothest, most precise cut.

Step 2

Comb down the front section of your hair over your forehead, combing it straight down in front of your face. The chunkier you want your Scene bangs to turn out, the more hair you need to include in this section.

Step 3

Cut across this section of hair, starting the cut as high as you want the shortest part of your fringe -- keeping in mind that hair appears longer when it is wet, so go about an inch longer than you actually want it -- on a downwards angle towards the left or right. If you want to part your hair on the left, cut on an angle to the right, and vice versa for a part on the right. You can use your fingers or a comb as a guideline and to help hold the hair while you cut.