How to Cut Your Bangs Like an Emo

By Tom Ryan

Emo hairstyles hearken back to the wild, colored and untamed hairstyles of 1980s musicians, and one defining characteristic is bangs. Emo bangs are cut to fall diagonally across the face -- they are generally razored at an angle to sweep across the forehead and over one of the eyes. Since the emo haircut is characterized by imperfection, cutting your own emo bangs is less complicated than attempting a perfect trim. As long as it meets the typical requirements, your bangs will look emo.

Always use hair shears to cut your bangs, never regular scissors.

Step 1

Wash and dry your hair. It must be completely dry before you start -- wet hair is longer than dry hair, so cutting while wet may result in shorter bangs than you intend.

Step 2

Pin up all of your hair except for your bangs to ensure that you do not make any accidental cuts.

Step 3

Sit in front of a mirror with ample lighting.

Step 4

Pull your bangs down in front of your face at a diagonal angle, as they would appear in an emo cut.

Step 5

Separate your bangs into three sections instead of trying to cut them all at once. The first section should be the longest, the second (and middle) section should be slightly shorter and the third section should be cut the shortest.

Step 6

Hold the first section (the one that is to cover your eye) and trim the ends by pointing your scissors at an upward angle and cutting.

Step 7

Hold the second section, the middle section, and continue cutting upward at the same angle where you left off.

Step 8

Finish by cutting the third and final section at the same angle. Tousle your bangs to make sure they fall into place the right way, and trim any ends that stick out of place.