How to Cut Thumbs Into a Sweater

By Diane Hill

The right, extra long sleeved sweater can complete a chic and sophisticated look. Adding a thumb hole immediately takes it to a fashion-forward look bordering on punk rock. The little change can completely transform the look of the garment. A thumb hole can be added to any shirt or sweater with sleeves that reach beyond the end of the thumb.

You can easily add a thumb hole to long sleeved sweaters.

Thumbholes in a Sweater

Step 1

Put the sweater on and place a push pin to mark the point of the thumb joint on both sleeves.

Step 2

Thread the needle with thread matching the sweater.

Step 3

Pinch the fabric at the pin point, remove the pin and cut a small hole about half the size of the circumference of your thumb.

Step 4

Starting from the inside of the sweater, make a few back stitches to fix the thread.

Step 5

Put the needle through to the outside of the sweater 3 to 5 millimeters from the edge of the hole.

Step 6

Bring the needle and thread over the cut edge of the sweater and back to the inside of the sweater.

Step 7

Next to the first stitch, push the needle back through the inside of the sweater to the outside of the sweater.

Step 8

Repeat the stitch, called the oversewing stitch, all the way around the hole.