Sun hat, sunglasses and swimsuit from above

You've seen them strolling along the beach and walking by the pool. They are gorgeous women in hot swimsuits strutting their stuff. They are confident and looking good, but there is a problem. These women are constantly reaching down to tug at their swimsuits. Fortunately, there are some ways to keep a bathing suit from riding up your bottom.

Measure your torso accurately to get a one-piece bathing suit that fits properly. To get the correct measurement, begin at one shoulder, and drape the measuring tape diagonally down your body and in between your legs. Then, bring the tape up in the back until you reach your starting point at the shoulder. Have someone else perform the measuring for the best results.

Buy only bathing suits that have a great fit to avoid having them ride up your bottom. When you try a suit on, be sure to bend over, stretch up on your toes and sit down with the suit on to test the elastic banding's ability to stay in place.

Keep bathing suits from riding up by taking good care of them. Always rinse them after use and wash them gently by hand before laying them out to dry. This will help ensure the durability of your suit's elastic. Also, be careful when sitting at picnic tables or on metal lounge chairs, as you want to avoiding getting your suit snagged, resulting in ruined elasticity.

Keep your skin properly moisturized and exfoliated to make your bathing suit less likely to ride up. Supple skin will help your bathing suit move with you rather than having it get caught up in unflattering positions.

Consider buying a "butt spray," such as those used by beauty pageant contestants, if you are very worried about a riding up problem. Visit the Queen's Choice website or the Flying High Enterprises website to purchase products to "glue" your suit into place (see Resources below).


  • Pick two-piece suits over one-piece suits, as one pieces are more likely to ride up on you. Boy short-styled bottoms are less likely to ride up the cheeks than traditional bikini bottoms.