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Purchasing pants can be confusing if you do not understand how to convert pant sizes to inches. This can be especially important if you purchase clothing by mail or over the Internet. Because you do not want to make mistakes in sizing and purchase clothing that does not fit, take time to convert pant sizes prior to buying your clothes.

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Measure around your waist with a tape measure and write down the measurement. Round this measurement up to the nearest 1/2 inch.

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Measure around your hips at the largest point with the tape measure and write this measurement down. Round this measurement up to the nearest half inch.

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Compare your measurements from Steps 1 and 2 to a sizing chart. Size 2 pants fit waists of 24 inches and hips of 34.5 inches. Size 4 pants fit waists of 25 inches and hips of 35.5 inches. Size 6 pants fit waists of 26 inches and hips of 36.5 inches. Size 8 pants fit waists of 27 inches and hips of 37.5 inches. Size 10 pants fit waists of 28 inches and hips of 38.5 inches. Size 12 pants fit waists of 29.5 inches and hips of 40 inches. Size 14 pants fit waists of 31 inches and hips of 41.5 inches. Size 16 pants fit waists of 32.5 and hips of 43 inches.


If you fall between sizes, purchase the next larger size for best results. To size men’s pants, simply measure around the waist and compare this to the numerical sizing of men’s pants. For example, if a man’s waist measures 34 inches, purchase pants with a 34-inch waist. Measure a man’s inseam (from the crotch to the point where the pants extend at the bottom) and purchase pants with the corresponding inseam measurement.

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