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Convert your shoe size and you can easily shop for the styles you want. Conversion will make it easier to shop online as well. Sizes vary by country as well as gender.

U.S. Sizes

The U.S. and Canada use the same shoe sizes. Men's shoe size is typically two sizes smaller than women's. Manufacturers vary, so the sizing difference may run one and one-half to two sizes difference. If you wear a women's size 9, you will most likely wear a men's size 7.

U.K. Sizes

The gender size difference in the U.K. runs from one-half to one size difference. If you wear a U.K. women's size 6, you will probably wear a U.K. men's size 6-1/2 or 7. A women's size 6 in the U.K. is the equivalent of a U.S. size 8-1/2.

Australian Sizes

A U.S. woman's shoe size 9 would equal an Australian women's size 7-1/2. The Australian male equivalent would be a size 6 to 6-1/2.

Japanese Sizes

A Japanese women's size 25 is the same as a U.S. size 9. The Japanese men's shoe size difference is plus .5, making the size equivalent 25.5 in Japan.

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