Model and fashion icon Twiggy wore it first: the pixie, circa 1960s. Spiky and short, this edgy hairstyle has been reshaped and modernized on runways over the decades. Every few years, young Hollywood starlets bring it back, but honestly, it’s always in style. The beauty of it is it can be structured and shaped to compliment just about any facial shape. You can even style it to fit your mood each day. Feeling serious? Make it sleek and polished. Wanna have a care-free Saturday? Go for a tousled look.

Are you brave enough to chop your locks into a pixie cut? Here’s how.

Things You'll Need

Wash the hair. Leave it damp and comb through it to remove tangles.

Divide hair into a few sections. Take one section at a time and cut off the length up to the nape of the neck.

Take a section of hair and comb it 2 inches from the head. Hold the hair in place, 2 inches from the head, between your index and middle finger. Snip it in quick, short cuts. Continue combing and cutting 2 inches out around the entire head.

Part the hair down the center. Starting on the right side of the head, pick up 1 inch of hair using the comb. Hold the scissors vertically and snip away at the ends of the hair to create spikes. Continue all the way through the back and to the left side of the head.

Pick up a 1-inch section of hair. Razor cut the ends. A razor gives strands a separated, textured look. Start on the right side of the head and continue razor cutting in sections through the back and to the left side of the head.

Dry the hair with a blow dryer. With your fingers, use pomade to separate sections of hair for a spunky look; or comb and smooth it with hair gel for a sleek style.