How to Curl Hair With Bobby Pins. Curls created with bobby pins are known as pincurls. Putting an entire head of hair in pincurls is a time-consuming process, but it doesn't require too much specialized skill. Just start with wet hair, take a section and coil it around your finger until it's flat against your head. Here is how to get tight or loose curls with bobby pins.

Begin with wet hair. Section off a small portion of hair, about an inch wide, and comb it smooth.

Start at the ends and coil the hair around and around your index finger until it's flat against your head. Check that the ends of your hair wind up to their corresponding base on your scalp, rather than to one side. Also strive to make nice round curls, rather than ovals.

Hold the coil in place with one hand and secure it by using two bobby pins in an "X" formation. Repeat this process until all of your hair is pinned into place. Use a spray bottle of water to dampen your hair if it dries before you can coil it.

Allow the hair to thoroughly dry, then remove the bobby pins and the hair will uncoil itself. Style as usual.


The more hair you wind into the curl, the looser it will be. Conversely, the less hair you wind, the tighter the curl will be and the longer it will last.